Our collaboration with ROEQ

Triple Boris has designed an award-winning educational game that raises children's awareness of social challenges, hailed for its impact by the MEGAMIGS 2020 Award of Excellence and the Quebec government's "Prix Ensemble Contre l'Intimidation".

In summary

Triple Boris took up the challenge set by a non-profit organization to create a captivating educational game for children, from initial conception to launch on web and mobile (iOS and Android). The game, a blend of interactive adventure and mini-games, aims to raise children’s awareness of complex situations.

Such was its success that additional features were requested by the customer. Crowned with the MEGAMIGS 2020 Award of Excellence for its social impact and the “Ensemble Contre l’Intimidation” award from the Quebec government, this project marked a significant milestone in our commitment to the education and well-being of young people.

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