Our collaboration with Outerminds

As the PC version's beta release of the game Turbo Kid approached, it was crucial to test the feasibility of porting to other platforms. Outerminds turned to Triple Boris, due to their previous experience with porting games to Nintendo Switch.

Game concept overview

Turbo Kid is a game initially developed for PC that reached the beta version stage. To expand its availability, a port to Nintendo Switch was considered, requiring optimization and specific adjustments for this platform.

goals and phase of involvement

Triple Boris's Implication

Goals: The main goal was to port Turbo Kid to the Nintendo Switch, ensuring that the game was optimized for this console and met Nintendo's certification standards.


Collaboration between Triple Boris and Outerminds: From the Alpha phase, Triple Boris collaborated closely with Outerminds, executing a major update using a recent version of Unity. Together, the teams focused on development and optimization for the Switch, ensuring a seamless and high-quality transition. This partnership allowed both teams to leverage their strengths, resulting in a successful port that met all of Nintendo’s rigorous requirements.

Development Team

Team Composition:

Problem Solving

Technical Challenges

The team improved memory consumption and reduced CPU usage. Adapting controls for the Switch and optimizing the use of hardware resources were crucial to meet Nintendo's specifications.


Performance and Reception

The port is in the final phase of submission for certification by Nintendo. Preliminary tests indicate that the game performs well and meets the required performance and usability criteria.