Case Studies: Warzone

– OUR PROJECTS Our collaboration with Activision Faced with the need to port their flagship game, Call of Duty: Warzone, to mobile without compromising on quality, Activision turned to Triple Boris for their expertise in porting and optimizing games for mobile devices. The challenge was to maintain the same level of features while making it […]

Case Studies – Turbo Kid

– OUR PROJECTS Our collaboration with Outerminds As the PC version’s beta release of the game Turbo Kid approached, it was crucial to test the feasibility of porting to other platforms. Outerminds turned to Triple Boris, due to their previous experience with porting games to Nintendo Switch. Game concept overview Turbo Kid is a game […]

Case Study: Lucky Hammers

– OUR PROJECTS Our collaboration with LUCKY HAMMERS Triple Boris contributed significantly to the development of “Terraforming Mars” and “Carcassonne” for LuckyHammers, expanding his role from interface updates to general development, including DLC features. In résumé Triple Boris played a key role in supporting LuckyHammers in the development of “Terraforming Mars” and “Carcassonne”, offering valuable […]

Case Study: ROEQ

– OUR PROJECTS Our collaboration with ROEQ Triple Boris has designed an award-winning educational game that raises children’s awareness of social challenges, hailed for its impact by the MEGAMICS 2020 Award of Excellence and the Quebec government’s “Prix Ensemble Contre l’Intimidation”. In résumé Triple Boris took up the challenge set by a non-profit organization to […]

Case Study: Chasing rats

– NOS PROJETS Our collaboration with CHASING RATS Thanks to our mastery of Unity, Triple Boris successfully ported Chaing Rats Games’ “Struggling” to Nintendo Switch ahead of schedule, while maintaining strict quality standards. In résumé When Chaing Rats Games decided to launch its acclaimed game “Struggling” on Nintendo Switch, Triple Boris became the partner of […]

Case Study: Bethesda

– OUR PROJECTS Our collaboration with BETHESDA Our collaboration with Bethesda’s Montreal studio on “The Elder Scrolls: Blades” enabled us to optimize the game thanks to our expertise in telemetry and user interface, building on our proven practices with Unity. In résumé Recently, Bethesda’s new Montreal studio called on our expertise for an ambitious project: […]

Case Studies – Ludia

– OUR PROJECTS Our collaboration with LUDIA Over the past seven years, our close collaboration on prestigious titles such as “What’s your story”, “Jurassic World”, and “DC: Heroes and Villains” has evolved from technical support to a comprehensive contribution in design and process optimization, testifying to the quality of our work and the lasting trust […]